Packages 2019/20

The packages are available if you book and prepay it at least 10 days earlier.

Package №Description3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days
1Lift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles132 Euro174 Euro218 Euro252 Euro
2Lift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles (Premium)140 Euro184 Euro234 Euro270 Euro
3Lift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles (Advanced)159 Euro199 Euro248 Euro283 Euro
4Lift pass, Snowboard, Boots165 Euro215 Euro250 Euro280 Euro
5Lift pass, Snowboard, Boots (Premium)180 Euro225 Euro265 Euro292 Euro
6 NEWLift pass + Ski, Boots. Poles + 2 Hours tutorial per day175 Euro235 Euro275 Euro300 Euro
7Lift pass, Skis,Boots, Poles + 4 Hours tutorial per day185 Euro250 Euro300 Euro330 Euro
8Lift pass, Snowboard, Boots + 3 days/ 2 Hours tutorial per day220 Euro260 Euro290 Euro310 Euro
9 KidsLift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles87 Euro116 Euro142 Euro155 Euro
10 KidsLift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles + 4 Hours tutorial per day120 Euro150 Euro190 Euro200 Euro

The tutorials are only in groups for BEGINNERS. We are providing also a private and individual lessons. For more information about the prices of private and individual lessons, please contact with us.



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