Packages 2019/20

The packages are available if you book and prepay it at least 10 days earlier.

We require photos for all 4, 5, 6 days packages as is needed for the lift passes

You can change or cancel your reservation up to 5 days before your starting date

If you want you can contact us via Viber or Whatsapp on +359893268505 with your requests.

Package №Description3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days
1Lift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles128 Euro169 Euro212 Euro249 Euro
2Lift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles (Premium)138 Euro180 Euro226 Euro267 Euro
3Lift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles (Advanced)144 Euro194 Euro242 Euro280 Euro
4Lift pass, Snowboard, Boots142 Euro185 Euro228 Euro268 Euro
5Lift pass, Snowboard, Boots (Premium)154 Euro199 Euro244 Euro287 Euro
6 NEWLift pass + Ski, Boots. Poles + 2 Hours tutorial per day175 Euro235 Euro275 Euro300 Euro
7Lift pass, Skis,Boots, Poles + 4 Hours tutorial per day185 Euro250 Euro300 Euro330 Euro
8Lift pass, Snowboard, Boots + 3 days/ 2 Hours tutorial per day220 Euro265 Euro300 Euro320 Euro
9 KidsLift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles75 Euro93 Euro110 Euro131 Euro
10 KidsLift pass, Skis, Boots, Poles + 4 Hours tutorial per day125 Euro160 Euro205 Euro220 Euro

The tutorials starts at 10:00 and are provided by ULEN ski school.
We are providing also a private and individual lessons. For more information about the prices of private and individual lessons, please contact with us.

The packages with lessons includes basic type of equipment 

All the packages can be changed or cancelled up to 3 days before your starting date with refund of the deposit. After this period the deposit is not refundable.



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