The packages are available if you book and pay it at least 14 days earlier.

All prices are in BGN

Package №Description3 Days6 Days9 Days
1Lift pass + Skis + Boots + Poles119 Euro199 Euro299 Euro
2Lift pass + Skis + Poles109 Euro189 Euro289 Euro
3Lift pass + Ski boots + Poles105 Euro185 Euro285 Euro
4Lift pass + Snowboard + Boots129 Euro239 Euro339 Euro
5Lift pass + Snowboard115 Euro219 Euro319 Euro
6Lift pass + Snowboard boots110 Euro205 Euro305 Euro
7Lift pass + Skis + Boots + Poles + 4 Hours tutorial per day139 Euro249 Euro
8Lift pass + Snowboard + Boots + 3 days/ 2 Hours tutorial per day179 Euro259 Euro
9 KidsLift pass + Skis + Boots + Poles75 Euro120 Euro
10 KidsLift pass + Skis + Boots + Poles + 4 Hours tutorial per day109 Euro169 Euro

The tutorials are only in groups for BEGINNERS. We are providing also a private and individual lessons. For more information about the prices of private and individual lessons, please contact with us.



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